Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation
Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation

About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to grow the sport of water polo in Southwest Florida and support Southwest Florida water polo teams, programs, players, and events.  

The Giving Partner


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Board Members


Beth Bailey

High School, Age Group, and USAWP ODP Coach. Current board president.

Jeff Bailey

USAWAP and FHSAA referee, USAWP liaison, Board Treasurer, former D1 Offensive Lineman.

Roger Bowman

Lifelong masters water polo player. Met his wife while playing - forever indebted to the sport.

Richard Corso

42 Years Coaching-Team USA, Cal, Yale, UCLA, Canada, Harvard Westlake...USAWP Hall of Fame. 

Michael Bergquist

Long-time referee, coach, and masters player. Passionate about growing the sport.

Holly Neumann

Swam for Cal State Bakersfield, USMS Coach and Adult Learn to Swim advocate, journalist.

The Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation

Foundation Background

The Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2017 by an all-volunteer team to grow the sport of water polo in SW Florida. The Foundation’s first success was working with the Sarasota County School Board to start the first-ever high school water polo program in Southwest Florida at Venice High School.  

The Foundation also offers free community programming, supports a second area water polo club, and has assets for community use including goals, shot clocks, and a scoreboard.


Water Polo is the fastest growing sport in the United States with tremendous opportunity athletic scholarships and gains in physical and mental fitness.  


The Southwest Water Polo Foundation has a goal of raising $30,000 in 2019. These funds go directly to funding water polo programs in Southwest Florida, training coaches and players, and providing scholarships for players in need.   

Message from the Board President

It is my honor and privilege to serve as  President of the Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation. The programs we support will provide access to a sport known for its incredible fitness and endurance levels, positive impacts on academic performance, and gains in mental toughness. Fun fact: water polo players have the lowest dropout rate among all US Navy SEAL candidates. Water Polo is also a lifelong sport with a strong masters network and a team sport experience that complements a swimming background.    

Water polo games are packed with excitement and last about the length of a basketball game. With our perfect year-round swimming weather, what a better place to cultivate our future USA stars than right here in Southwest Florida? Our pools can be filled with swimmers and water polo players alike.   

Please contact us If you or someone you know is interested in adding water polo at your school or club program, support us with a donation, or email us at info@southwestwaterpolo.org.  

Beth Bailey

Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation, Inc.        

Water Polo Information

Men’s water polo has been a team sport in the modern Olympics since 1900, and has 22 NCAA division-I teams and 17 division II and III teams. After a hard fight, women’s water polo was finally recognized as an Olympic sport in the 2000 summer Olympics and is growing fast with 32 Division I teams and 26 Division II and III teams recognized by the NCAA. The trend in water polo is counter to a larger nationwide crisis of physical inactivity, and ESPN and other studies have identified water polo is one of the toughest sports to play.    

Water Polo is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and USA Water Polo is excited about the growth of water polo to Southwest Florida. “States beyond California are joining the water polo party,” Christopher Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo said. “It is no coincidence that our women’s Olympic team goalie, Ashleigh Johnson, grew up in Florida and played ball at Princeton” … “The success of these players from outside California is inspiring others around the nation”.  

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